Savannah City Council accommodating breweries |


Savannah City Council accommodating breweries |

Some people enjoy hearing about tormented ghosts doomed to haunt the site of their earthly demise.

Others prefer learning about spirits of another kind.

Craft beers and the microbreweries that produce them are growing in popularity and Savannah could soon become as known for its ales as for its apparitions.

As local breweries establish themselves here, city officials are taking the steps needed to accommodate them.

Savannah aldermen will consider on Thursday an ordinance allowing the operation of breweries in the city, as well as tours of the facilities, said city spokesperson Bret Bell. An ordinance will also establish a $5,000 brewery licensing fee.

Bell noted that one brewery was already allowed to begin operations in the city, stating the city did not want to prevent the businesses from establishing themselves here as the ordinance was developed.

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