Rep. Lynn Westmoreland: Foreign Policy Lacks Presidential Leadership


Rep. Lynn Westmoreland: Foreign Policy Lacks Presidential Leadership

Capitol Corner: Foreign Policy Lacks Presidential Leadership

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From Congressman Lynn Westmoreland 

Over the last century, the United States has established itself as a world leader. We have served as an example to emerging democracies across the globe, hoping that all people have the same right to freedom and liberty as we do. However in the current administration, our nation’s credibility has fallen short of its expectations in foreign policy.
While the president prefers to focus on big government and imposing more unwanted regulations on businesses and families, he and Vice President Joe Biden have neglected our responsibilities abroad.
President Obama’s decisions to wind down the Iraqi war by his designed deadline are reminiscent of the Obamacare rollout – messy and rushed – however this scenario was potentially dangerous to our troops. Not only do we worry about the men and women on the ground, but it was a risk to the stability of the region to which the military and intelligence agencies had been working towards for years. True leadership is not marked by how quickly they got out of a situation, but on the success of its execution.
I am confident that our failed domestic policies will be made right when this administration is replaced by one led by a new president who understands the needs of the nation. Our country has shown it can bounce back from domestic policy pitfalls time and again, and I have faith that this time is no different. But as I have said before, our foreign policy is an entirely different matter. The fallout from failed foreign policies has long lasting effects and requires great nuance and diplomatic skill to overcome. However this administration has shown its incompetence in the international arena, beginning with the president’s apology tour, and continuing, to this day, with failed foreign policies and shortsighted initiatives. I am truly worried it will take years of new leadership to undo the damage this president has done to our international reputation and world standing, and while we are rebuilding that reputation we will have to reap the consequences this administration has sown.
When it comes to our nation’s foreign policy and upholding our international legacy, we don’t need any more flowery speeches — we need leadership. Strong and thoughtful leadership is what has made our nation unique in the past and is what will protect our future for the next generation.

House Intelligence Committee Approves Measure for Classification Review of Benghazi Transcripts

 The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) this week approved a measure seeking the declassification of transcripts of interviews in its ongoing Benghazi investigation. As HPSCI Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chairman, I am leading the committee’s Benghazi investigation. During the second half of last year, my subcommittee interviewed many of the CIA security officers who were engaged in the fight during the attacks in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. Transcripts of those interviews are currently classified.
The meetings the committee has held over the last several months have exposed some extremely significant, and sometimes shocking facts about what exactly happened on the ground in Benghazi that fateful night. But having myself or Chairman Rogers tell the American people about those meetings will not have nearly the same impact as them being able to read first-hand exactly what these eyewitnesses had to say. If the transcripts from this investigation are able to be declassified, it would be one of the first times the American people have heard what happened directly from people on the ground that night – in their own words. I think this could be a significant step to advance the public’s understanding of this attack.
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