Rep. Jack Kingston: Truly Helping Our Fellow Georgians


Rep. Jack Kingston: Truly Helping Our Fellow Georgians

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From Rep. Jack Kingston

Truly Helping Our Fellow Georgians

As the weak Obama economy continues to hurt families across the state of Georgia, it is important our assistance programs are a true safety net helping people get back on their feet.

Most unemployed Americans are doing everything they can to get their next job as soon as possible. With 3.8 million long-term unemployed Americans and a still-struggling job market, it is as important as ever that job-seekers be as ready for work and competitive as possible. However, unemployment presents additional problems for some, and it is vital this program not enable harmful and self-destructive lifestyles, which only reduce the chance of being re-employed. 

I introduced the EQUIP Act to encourage job seeking and the satisfaction that comes from an honest day’s work while avoiding the pitfalls of drug abuse and addiction. By requiring accountability of those on assistance we can ensure a positive outcome for the unemployed, their family and friends, and the American taxpayer.

In addition to protecting those receiving benefits, Congress needs to pass legislation to support job creation. Washington, DC, is too large, too intrusive, and is making it harder to work and hire.

My American Renewal Initiative is a package of bills aimed at getting the country back to work. Please take a moment to read about it here –

I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.



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