Rep. Doug Collins: Responds To State Of The Union


Rep. Doug Collins: Responds To State Of The Union

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Congressman Doug Collins (GA-09) made the following statement after tonight’s State of the Union address:

“Tonight, President Obama once again stood in the People’s House and placed his own interests above theirs.   The State of the Union is supposed to be a report on the condition of the country, not a forecast of the next wave of partisan political whims the president has in store.

“President Obama’s track record of irresponsible executive power warrants a lot more explanation than what Americans heard tonight.  Concerns over negligent foreign policy, abuses at the highest level of government, and the continuing disaster that is Obamacare are as unresolved today as they were yesterday. President Obama’s tone and message tonight make clear that now more than ever, Members of Congress regardless of their political party need to reclaim the responsibilities outlined in Article I of the Constitution. 

“Instead of reaching for his pen and phone, President Obama needs to open his eyes and open his heart, see what his policies have done to real Americans, and allow their representatives in Congress to finally implement the solutions we’ve proposed.”

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