Rep. Doug Collins: Happy Thanksgiving


Rep. Doug Collins: Happy Thanksgiving

Your Thanksgiving Desk

From Congressman Doug Collins 


Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving is a time of joy and remembrance, looking back over the past year and celebrating all of life’s blessings. Thanksgiving gives us cause to pause and realize that despite all our hardships we still have reasons to be grateful. Whether those reasons are turkey and pumpkin pie or seeing your family for the first time in months, the holiday provides a chance to delight in all things great and small.

For many of us, gratitude and a spirit of Thanksgiving are an integral teaching of our faith. Yet, the 4th Thursday in November has been designated a federal holiday for so long for a reason. As a country, we have so many reasons to be thankful. Taking the time to acknowledge that is important evidence of the values we still hold.

Over the next weeks and months, individuals, families, businesses, and yes, a new Congress, will be looking toward the future. Today, it’s important to look at what we have and be grateful not only for those things, but for the potential each of us has to do so much more.

Wishing you and yours a blessed Thanksgiving!


Doug Collins
Member of Congress


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