Randy Evans: Prepare for the Attacks, Know the Facts about Gov. Deal


Randy Evans: Prepare for the Attacks, Know the Facts about Gov. Deal

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Dear Friends:

Next year, Georgians will re-elect Governor Nathan Deal. But, liberal national Democrats aided by a few disgruntled politicians will throw everything they have at him.

Governor Deal has a great record. So, expect them to revert back to the ‘politics of personal destruction’ with the same things they have tried before – smears and personal attacks.

Indeed, already former Democratic one term governor Roy Barnes leads (and funds) a political committee to attack Governor Deal that calls itself “Better Georgia”.

So far, this group acts in coordination with the Atlanta Journal Constitution with retreads of old attacks – all of which have been rejected by every agency to investigate and decide them.

Yet, there is no doubt that they will repeat them as an unrelated lawsuit by some disgruntled former employees against the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission moves through the courts.

When you hear or read these attacks, know the facts and call them out for what they are – bogus. Here is what you should know:

The lawsuit is not against the Governor and does not involve anything that the Governor has done or alleged to have done. Instead, various Commission staff (present and former) have made allegations against each other for things that occurred during the time that claims against Governor Deal (decided in his favor) were pending.

Importantly, the Commission itself, not the staff, decided those claims in Governor Deal’s favor and ruled that he acted in accordance with the rules, regulations and laws that applied – not once, but on multiple occasions.

In addition to the claims, the Commission staff conducted a full audit of every one of the millions of lines of data in the Deal campaign’s filings. After this exhaustive review of hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, the staff could only identify a handful of entries with clerical errors.

Having represented many high profile candidates, I can safely say that Governor Deal underwent the highest level of scrutiny of any candidate in Georgia history and came out with no violations of the rules and laws and a 99.98% accuracy rate for technicalities of his filings. No other Georgia candidate’s campaign of comparable size has ever met this level of accuracy.

But, you won’t hear about any of that. Instead, you will hear allegations that the Governor’s office attempted to influence or convince the staff that we were right on the law. We did. In the end, the Commission decided the issues and we were right.

You will hear that documents from the Governor’s file might have been destroyed. We worried about this possibility and protested the removal of any documents. To protect ourselves, we reviewed the files (just as the media did) so that we could always confirm that the relevant documents remained in the file. Governor Deal did not control the documents and no one suggests that anyone changed or removed any documents at his direction.

In fact, when a former staffer first said that no documents were removed, and then changed his testimony to say that he did change or remove documents, we said that if that happened, there should be an investigation by relevant law enforcement officials. Apparently, that may be happening. It does not involve us.

You will hear that the staff wanted a higher amount of fines as part of a settlement of the claims. Because we were right, we rejected those offers and insisted on different numbers. Yes, we told them that their number was too high and did not reflect the facts or the law. And, we were right.

The only thing that we could agree on was the fee amount for the technical errors from the audit. The total amount of the administrative fee was $3,350.00 – an amount far less than the cost to contest these clerical errors.

So, why tell you all of this? Because, our Democratic opponents and their allies will try to make something out of nothing and I wanted you to know the facts.

Governor Nathan Deal is the most ethical, honest, and transparent government official that I have ever had the pleasure of representing. He is the man you see. I trust him. Now that you know the facts, I hope you will join me and defend him when they start their malicious attacks.

Thank you.

J. Randolph Evans
RNC Committeeman

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