Poll: Negative views of O-Care at highest | TheHill


Poll: Negative views of O-Care at highest | TheHill

Negative views of ObamaCare abruptly hit an all-time high this month, erasing six months of gradual increases in the law’s popularity.

Fifty-three percent now see the Affordable Care Act in a negative light compared with 45 percent last month, according to a monthly tracking poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The marked change appears to be among people who previously did not have an opinion of ObamaCare or refused to express it who now see the law unfavorably.

The reform has struggled since its inception to gain traction with the public, with negative views outpacing positive ones since late 2012.

Supporters note that some people who oppose the law feel it did not go far enough.

Just 37 percent expressed a positive view of the reform in July, down two points from last month, according to the Kaiser poll.

Negative opinions most recently peaked at 50 percent in January, just as the law’s rollout was beginning to improve after a disastrous start in October.

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