Pay restored to suspended Ga. police chief |


Pay restored to suspended Ga. police chief |

GRANTVILLE, Ga. — Grantville city officials have voted to restore pay for a police chief who was suspended after visiting Maricopa County, Ariz. Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.

City council voted to restore a week’s worth of pay for Chief Doug Jordan during a meeting Monday evening. Jordan was suspended for a week without pay earlier this month after he and his wife visited Arpaio during a vacation for their 31st wedding anniversary.

The Newnan Times-Herald ( ) reported that Jordan talked with Arpaio about addressing drug issues in the western Georgia city.

City officials said the visit was unauthorized, and violated the city manager’s policy of informing him of operations that were out of the ordinary. Grantville’s mayor, Jim Sells, voiced disapproval toward Jordan’s suspension, and Arpaio said he’d fly to Georgia to support Jordan if necessary.

“I’m elated and honored,” Jordan said. “I felt it was going to happen. I have the support of the community and half the council.”

Georgia Fraternal Order of Police Vice President, Randy Robertson, told the council he’s concerned that Jordan was suspended without due process.

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