On the radio with Rob Johnson from WGST


On the radio with Rob Johnson from WGST

Yesterday, Andre Walker, who first wrote of the Democratic Party of Georgia Political Director’s numerous arrests and follows up with more of that soap opera today, was on WGST with Rob Johnson. Andre discussed the factual basis of his writings about the political director, and I was on with Rob an hour later talking about what this tells us about the Georgia Democratic Party

Democratic Party of Georgia Chair Mike Berlon will defend his party lengthen the news life of this story in a press conference today at DPG headquarters. I wouldn’t be shocked if he continues to threaten legal action by the Political Director’s crack criminal defense litigation team against Walker.

In addition to ensuring that every media outlet that covers today’s DPG Press Conference will also review the Political Director’s criminal record, Berlon ensures that the news cycle for this story continues through the weekend. Then on Monday or Tuesday, a poke by bloggers responding to the threats of legal action keeps it going another day.

The Democratic Party of Georgia is mishandling this issue, giving it further momentum as the snowball rolls toward qualifying day.

When I spoke to Rob Johnson yesterday, I made four points about what this incident tells us about the Democratic Party of Georgia.

1. The litmus test for leadership within the GDP appears to be “no felony, no problem.”

2. The GDP appears to place political expediency over principle when the Chairman and the President of the Democratic women’s group are protecting someone with this kind of background while publicly claiming the GOP is waging a “war on women.”

3. This is no longer about winning elections in November for Democrats, but retaining the captaincy of the S.S. Titanic known as the Georgia Democratic Party.

4. This story was originally shopped by people active in Democratic politics to the mainstream media who didn’t cover it until Andre Walker at GeorgiaUnfiltered had been writing about it for about a week.

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