Michelle Nunn Campaign: Tied To Voter Registration Fraud Investigation


Michelle Nunn Campaign: Tied To Voter Registration Fraud Investigation

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From David Perdue U.S. Senate 


Michelle Nunn Campaign Tied To Voter Registration Fraud Investigation

Using 501(c)(3) Organization For Partisan Politics

While Michelle Nunn’s campaign claims they have no role in the current voter registration fraud, it is clear from their own campaign plan that Michelle Nunn is directly tied to the potentially illegal activities under investigation.

As Michelle Nunn’s campaign plan indicates, she is relying on a 501(c)(3) organization, of which the New Georgia Project is a component, for voter registration efforts to “enlarge the electorate” by any means necessary:

Nunn Team

Earlier this year, Michelle Nunn’s “kitchen cabinet” advisor Stacey Abrams launched an organization with the goal of registering 800,000 voters. As part of a 501(c)(3), the New Georgia Project doesn’t disclose its donors and it’s not registered with the state of Georgia. However, it cannot participate in partisan activities. Still, that hasn’t stopped Michelle Nunn’s closest allies from doing so.

Using this secret money, Abrams has worked to help get Michelle Nunn elected. Abrams told Roll Call her voter registration efforts are designed to help Michelle Nunn: With Michelle’s race, there will be a concerted effort to register and mobilize and turn out voters.”

She also met directly with the executive director of Barack Obama’s political organization, Organizing for Action, to make Nunn’s race a top priority. Even Reverend Warnock, the spokesman for the New Georgia Project, participated in the Michelle Obama voter registration rally for Michelle Nunn last week.

Not only does this raise serious questions about Michelle Nunn’s direct campaign involvement, but it also raises questions about what the White House knew before sending the First Lady to advance such questionable and potentially illegal voter registration efforts.

Since the First Lady headlined Michelle Nunn’s voter registration rally last week, the fraud investigation into the New Georgia Project has expanded to 13 counties across the state.

“How can a group credibly claim to be non-partisan when they work with a ‘concerted effort’ to elect Michelle Nunn? If these serious allegations are proven true, Michelle Nunn’s campaign, led by her top cabinet advisor, was knowingly involved in perpetrating a fraud on the voters of Georgia. Both Republicans and Democrats share the goal of engaging more people in the democratic process, but it is shameful for any one group to abuse or manipulate the system. It is a travesty for Michelle Nunn and her liberal allies to use what they claim to be a non-partisan group to engage in partisan politics to try to steal an election. Whether this was one instance or thousands, the people of Georgia deserve to know the truth and those responsible must be help accountable for their actions,” said Megan Whittemore, spokeswoman for the Perdue campaign.



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