Medical Marijuana, Medicaid Protest Animate Capitol


Medical Marijuana, Medicaid Protest Animate Capitol

Georgia’s Doctors Back Medical Marijuana Bill

State Rep. Allen Peake called the news Monday of support from the Medical Association of Georgia a “game-changer.” He said he heard a lot of misgivings from conservative colleagues because they didn’t know where the medical community stood on the issue.

“It’s tightly restricted, well-regulated, managed by doctors, limited in scope to just a cannabidiol oil that’s applied orally,” Peake said in an interview. “And so I think that will give comfort to my colleagues and the people of Georgia that this is not going to allow six-year-olds to be smoking a joint on the street corner.”

Accompanying Peake Monday at the Capitol was Dr. James Smith, a Gwinnett County physician. He’s part of MAG’s leadership, and unfortunately, someone who has had a first-hand view of the drug’s potential to help. His 7-year-old daughter has developed a seizure disorder called Doose syndrome. And he says all of the treatments his family has tried have devastating side effects. All, except the cannabis oil, also known by the name cannabidiol oil.

He said Georgia’s approach, under the bill Peake is proposing, would be extremely conservative.

“When I first started investigating this, the more I learned the more I realized how restrictive it is,” he said. “If you treat just with the oil, you don’t get the THC concentration that causes the psychotropic effect that you think of with lighting up a joint. What’s out there, albeit some of it anecdotal, is pretty miraculous.”

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