Latest disclosures detail Reed’s multimillion-dollar election… |


Latest disclosures detail Reed’s multimillion-dollar election… |

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed spent about $1.6 million of his own campaign cash in the final quarter of 2013, directing the bulk of his money into get-out-the-vote efforts and flashy TV ads ahead of his re-election, while also donating to favorite candidates and causes.

Just how the mayor would spend his war chest — as high as $2 million in cash on hand last September — was a hot topic throughout the campaign season as Reed faced little real competition for his second term.

A review of campaign finance disclosures from October through December shows that didn’t stop him from spending hundreds of thousands on a vast political network to push get-out-the-vote efforts, a move many saw as aiding political allies in their races. The mayor also spent $635,000 to polish his public image with a snazzy, beat-thumping commercial.

Tharon Johnson, Reed’s former campaign manager and senior adviser to the re-election campaign, said the commercial was designed to highlight Reed’s accomplishments and promote a second-term agenda. But Johnson also hinted at a larger purpose, noting the commercials narrated by celebrity Jamie Foxx captured “a transition of a person into a statesman.”

A statesman who raised a total of $3.4 million for his re-election campaign and spent $2.75 million over the entire election cycle, according to his camp. As of his Dec. 30 campaign finance disclosure, the mayor has $645,000 in cash left.

“He has a willingness to spend money where he sees it as furthering his political objectives,” said Howard Franklin, a Democratic political consultant who ran Jason Esteves’ school board campaign. Reed endorsed Esteves, who won.

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