Kingston Places $1 Million TV Buy


Kingston Places $1 Million TV Buy


But realistically, that’s not too much of an ad buy. The rule of thumb I use for pricing Atlanta broadcast television is $400,000 per week for 1000 gross ratings points each week. So it’s like spreading three weeks worth of television ads over eight weeks of time. This is almost certainly no where near a final buy, but why not leverage your money and see if you can get some free press out of it.

via Press Release.

Includes Final Two Months for Primary Campaign

ATLANTA, GA – U.S. Senate Candidate Jack Kingston today bought over $1 million in airtime for the coming primary campaign. The $1.289 million buy includes broadcast and cable for the final two months of the race statewide.

“The generosity and support of our donors allows us to lock in rates now before they become more expensive,” said Chris Crawford, Kingston Campaign Manager. “This purchase leverages our resources to save the campaign dollars down the road. It ensures Jack is able to efficiently communicate his vision directly to voters.”

Kingston announced earlier this month that he had raised $880,000 for the fourth quarter. He ended the year with $3.4 million cash on hand and has raised $4.2 million for the race.

The Kingston campaign said today’s purchase did not preclude future buys.

“Today’s buy is about using our campaign resource most effectively,” said Crawford. “We will make other strategic decisions on resources in the future.”

A native of Athens, Kingston lives in Savannah where he launched a successful career in agribusiness and property-casualty insurance. He met his wife Libby while serving as President of College Republicans at the University of Georgia. The Kingstons have been married for 34 years and have four children.

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