Jury Resumes Deliberations in Don Balfour Case


Jury Resumes Deliberations in Don Balfour Case

ATLANTA — Don Balfour’s three-day trial ended with his testimony that the case was the fruit of political enemies plotting against him.

A Fulton County jury will begin deliberations again Thursday to decide the fate of State Senator Don Balfour. He faces charges he filed fraudulent expense reports.

Day three of the Snellville Republican’s trial in Fulton County Superior Court Wednesday included testimony from his wife and former Governor Sonny Perdue. But the most damaging testimony to the state’s case was Balfour’s own statements.

He says the errors in his expense reports were simple mistakes. And in casting doubt on the state’s numbers, his attorney, Ken Hodges, attempted to undermine the credibility of the case against Balfour.

In more than an hour of questioning, Hodges asked Balfour to clarify where he went and how much he was owed on days in the indictment.

“So in that instance you did take $22.73 more than you should have, but not the $32.32 that the state alleges?” Hodges asked Balfour.

Balfour responded, ““Yes that’s right.”

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