How to fail at campaign websites and how to win


How to fail at campaign websites and how to win

Step 1: require Flash in order to view your website.

Step 2: force mobile browsers into the mobile version without providing a way to view the desktop version.

Ryan Christopher may be the greatest conservative candidate in the history of the world, but I’ll never know. That’s the risk you run when you use Flash for your campaign website or restrict mobile browsers to your mobile page only.

So how do you win at the internet for campaigns?

Usabilla, a firm that researches usability for websites took a look at how people interact with politicians’ website.

Usabilla tracked the way viewers’ eyes move over a candidate’s website as part of their study. The findings are instructive. Here’s my takeaway from reading their report.

1. Emotional appeal, candidate likability, and trustworthiness can be conveyed visually to reinforce the message you’re putting out.

2. Clear navigation and clear titles on links are vital. “Meet Mitt” scored better for taking viewers to the biography section than “Why Rick?”

3. Viewers look for and respond to ways to connect using social media or to receive campaign information in the manner they choose, whether it be Facebook, email, or something different.

Tell me who you think is winning or losing the internet in Georgia politics and why.

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