How to post to the Events Calendar


How to post to the Events Calendar

1. If you haven’t already, go here and register for the site. You’ll choose a username, and enter an email address and password.

2. After registering, email me and let me know your username and email address and let me know you want to be able to post events. I’ll upgrade your account.

3. After you hear back from me that your account has been upgraded, log in to the site here:


4. Now you’re at the Dashboard. Go to the menu along the lefthand side of your browser window and click on Events, then Add New.


5. Name your event by typing where it says “Enter title here” – this is the name as it will appear on the calendar, probably the most important part of your listing.


6. Fill out the event date and time.


7. Add the location. I highly suggest including a street address and check the boxes to add a Google Maps link and map. For people who view your event on the mobile version of the website on an iPhone or iPad (currently roughly 90% of people who view our website on a mobile device), this allows them to click on the map, which will open their direction app and help them find your event.


8. Fill out the rest of the details, including the Organizer name, contact information, and any website connected to the candidate, organization, or event. Double-check everything. When you’re sure everything is correct, hit the “Publish” button.
For the time being, Event Calendar posts will be moderated, which means that I have to approve it before it actually shows up on the website. Be patient, and plan ahead, and this delay shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re really anxious to get your event published, email me and ask politely and I’ll probably go ahead and approve it. Don’t email me too often or I’ll probably cut you off. Once I’m convinced everything is working as it should, and have learned to trust you, I’ll upgrade your account again so that your events appear immediately.

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