Gov. Nathan Deal: Six Things You Need to Know – State of Emergency Update


Gov. Nathan Deal: Six Things You Need to Know – State of Emergency Update

Your Georgia – State of Emergency –  Desk:

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Six Things You Need to Know

From Governor Nathan Deal

1. Please stay off the roads. We are still in a State of Emergency and we need to keep the roads as clear as possible. This is for your safety and the safety of others.

2. School children across the Metro-Atlanta area are safe and in good hands. Georgia State Patrol Troopers have been assigned to assist schools where children needed to spend the night. I’d like to thank teachers, parents, school faculty, and all those involved for their hard work and dedication to our children’s safety.

3. Yesterday, I instructed the National Guard to send military Humvees to our interstates to assist school buses and get food and water to stranded residents. All school buses and children have been responded to and are safe. Stranded citizens have access to emergency services throughout the Metro-Atlanta area. We are still in the process of clearing roads and assisting those in need. Again, please stay off the roads so we can continue this process.

4. If you have an emergency, please continue reaching out to emergency services at 911. Our emergency response teams are doing all they can to respond to situations in a timely manner.

5. Last night, dozens of emergency shelters were opened where stranded residents received shelter, food, and water. Folks should continue to remain at the shelters until our roads are safe.

6. For continuing updates, please stay in touch through Twitter @GovernorDeal and through the National Weather Service. You can find your radio frequency here:

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