GOP now holds “Solid South” | Jamie Dupree – AJC


GOP now holds “Solid South” | Jamie Dupree – AJC

[T]he Deep South has now gone to the GOP – the “Solid South” of the Democrats has been transformed into a “Sold South” for the Republicans.

In 2015, only two states in the South will have a Democratic Senator – Virginia, where Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) barely won re-election, and in Florida, where Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) holds a seat.

That’s it.

Just as Republicans have dropped off the map in many areas of New England, so too have Democrats in the South.

Even more dramatic is what has happened at the state level, as Republicans in January will hold the Governor’s seat in almost every southern and border state, as the GOP also controls almost every southern state legislative body as well.

When I got my current job 26 years ago, the Georgia Congressional delegation in the U.S. House had 10 members – nine were Democrats and one Republican (Newt Gingrich). Both Senators were Democrats.

Georgia had a Democratic Governor. A Democratic state legislature.

Now in 2015, Republicans control the Georgia state government. Both Senators are from the GOP. The U.S. House delegation is 10-4 in favor of Republicans.

It’s the type of switch that has happened all over the south – especially the Deep South.

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