GOP fears fundraising disaster – Manu Raju and Anna Palmer –


GOP fears fundraising disaster – Manu Raju and Anna Palmer –

Senate Republicans have high hopes heading into the 2014 midterm elections, since President Barack Obama’s approval rating is down, his polarizing health care law is about to go into full effect and the economic recovery is dragging along.

But Republicans have a problem: cash.

GOP outside groups are struggling to keep up with the breakneck fundraising pace necessary ahead of the high-stakes election. Next year will be the Republican Party’s best shot at taking the Senate for years to come, since they would need to net six seats, while Democrats have seven seats to defend in states that Mitt Romney won last year.

While the underlying reason for the weak fundraising is lingering frustration from 2012, when the Republican Party persuaded deep-pocketed donors to dump in millions, only to see their party lose seats in the House and Senate and Barack Obama take the White House again, there are new concerns, too.

In interviews with fundraisers, bundlers and GOP operatives, a perception emerged that the National Republican Senatorial Committee has its own problems — notably a leadership vacuum — that is making the already difficult fundraising environment that much worse.

“There is a lack of leadership over there and there’s a lack of ownership,” a Republican bundler said. “When [Sen. John] Cornyn was there, he wanted to usher in the majority. He also had [Senate Minority Leader Mitch] McConnell who wanted the majority and had nothing else to worry about, so there was no room for slack. I don’t get the sense that any of those dynamics are in play now.”

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has pulled in $21.7 million this year, nearly $5 million less than what it had in 2009 when Senate Republicans had an even smaller minority and faced a much tougher climb back to the majority.

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