Georgians oppose health care law |


Georgians oppose health care law |

With Obamacare’s most significant reforms ready for rollout, six in 10 Georgians have little idea of how the law will affect them, but most say they still don’t like it, a poll conducted for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows.

A majority of Georgians said they approve of some major elements of the new law. Even so, 57 percent said they had an unfavorable view of the Affordable Care Act, according to the statewide poll conducted for the AJC by Abt SRBI.

The poll also found:

Half of those polled said all or parts of the law should be repealed.

Slightly more than half opposed the law’s requirement that most Americans have insurance or pay a fine.

Six in 10 said Georgia should expand its Medicaid program, as the law envisioned, even though Gov. Nathan Deal has rejected the expansion.

A majority of Georgians embraced major provisions of the law, such as protecting consumers with pre-existing conditions and allowing parents to keep young adults on their insurance plans up to the age of 26.

Uninsured Georgians, who stand to benefit the most from the law , were the least likely to know how it might help them, with 77 percent in this group saying they were not clear on how the law will affect them. Sixty-three percent of uninsured respondents said they have a generally unfavorable opinion of the law.

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