Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for March 27, 2015


Georgia Politics, Campaigns, and Elections for March 27, 2015

Thomas Jefferson was elected as a Virginia delegate to the Second Continental Congress on March 27, 1775.

Colonel James Fannin, a Georgia native and Colonel in the Texas Regular Army and more than 300 other members of the Georgia battalion were executed on March 27, 1836 after surrendering to Santa Anna’s Mexican Army. Fannin County, Georgia is named after Col Fannin.

On March 27, 1912, the first Japanese cherry trees were planted on the northern bank of the Potomac River near the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC. This weekend, Brookhaven will hold the first Brookhaven Cherry Festival.

On March 27, 1941, Governor Eugene Talmadge signed legislation outlawing the handling of venomous snakes in such a way as to endanger another person or to encourage another person to handle a snake in such a way as to endanger them. The legislation resulted from a six-year old handling a venomous snake during a church service in Adel, Georgia, during which she was bitten and died. Under that act you could still handle snakes yourself as long as you didn’t endanger someone else.

On March 27, 1947, Governor Melvin Thompson signed legislation that made Georgia a “Right to Work State,” meaning that employees cannot generally be forced to join a union or pay dues in order to take a job. On the same day, gambling on sporting events was outlawed by another bill signed by Gov. Thompson.

Ron Daniels, our Poet Laureate, has a short history of the prohibition on sports gambling on the website.

Under the Gold Dome Today

At 11 AM this morning, Governor Nathan Deal will hold a press conference in the State Capitol to announce an Executive Order instructing state agencies to begin preparing for the enactment of House Bill 1, the Medical Marijuana bill.

9:00 AM Jacobs Sub of House Judiciary Civil 132 CAP

Senate Rules Calendar

HB 505 – Physical therapists; licensure and regulations of therapists and therapy assistants; revise various provisions (Amendment 1) (Amendment 2) (Amendment 3) (Substitute) (H&HS-52nd) Cooper-43rd

HB 57 – Electricity; financing of solar technology by retail customers for generation of electric energy to be used on and by property owned or occupied by such customers or to be fed back to the electric service provider; provide (RI&U-51st) Dudgeon-25th

HB 153 – Courts; civil action for damages; provide (Substitute) (JUDY-23rd) Weldon-3rd

HB 131 – The End to Cyberbullying Act; enact (Substitute) (ED&Y-17th) Dickerson-113th

HB 443 – Voluntary Veterans’ Preference Employment Policy Act; enact (VM&HS-6th) Dempsey-13th

HB 259 – Georgia Business Act; enact (GvtO-30th) Rogers-10th

HB 253 – Real estate appraisers; requirements for establishment and maintenance of a real estate appraisal management company; change certain provisions (Substitute) (RI&U-21st) Ballinger-23rd

HB 342 – Nursing homes; violation of certain regulations shall not constitute negligence per se; provide (Substitute) (H&HS-54th) Kelley-16th

HB 328 – Adult offenders; enact reforms recommended by Georgia Council on Criminal Justice Reform (Substitute) (JUDYNC-18th) Efstration-104th

HB 310 – Penal institutions; create Board of Community Supervision, Department of Community Supervision, and Governor’s Office of Transition, Support, and Reentry; provisions (PUB SAF-18th) Powell-32nd

HB 314 – Professions and businesses; State Board of Barbers and State Board of Cosmetology; combine (RI&U-47th) Tankersley-160th

HB 313 – Public employees; limited paid leave for purpose of promoting education; authorize (Substitute) (ED&Y-30th) Dickey-140th

HB 278 – Public Employee Hazardous Chemical Protection and Rights to Know Act of 1988; transfer responsibility to Safety Fire Commissioner; provisions (PUB SAF-30th) Clark-98th

HB 277 – Sales and use tax; value all flooring samples at the same rate for purposes of fair market value (FIN-14th) Broadrick-4th

HB 237 – State income tax; angel investor tax credit; extend (FIN-46th) Williamson-115th

HB 202 – Revenue and taxation; provisions regarding ad valorem taxation, assessment, and appeal; provide comprehensive revision (Substitute) (FIN-14th) Battles-15th

HB 439 – Georgia New Markets Jobs Act; enact (Substitute) (I&L-54th)Shaw-176th

HB 457 – Ad valorem tax; watercraft held in inventory; exempt (Substitute)(FIN-49th) Hawkins-27th

HB 255 – State purchasing; equal credits be given to certain forestry certification systems when using green building standards in state construction operation, repair, and renovation projects; require (AG&CA-11th) Cheokas-138th

HB 362 – Student health; licensed health practitioners to prescribe albuterol sulfate for schools; authorize (ED&Y-45th) Clark-101st

HB 551 – Public officers and employees; authorize political subdivisions to provide for voluntary contributions by employees through payroll deductions to certain not for profit organizations; provisions (SLGO(G)-56th) Brockway-102nd

HB 394 – Georgia Board of Nursing; revise provisions relating to powers and duties; provisions (H&HS-1st) Cooper-43rd

HB 432 – Annexation of territory; local Acts providing for deannexation of property from a municipality and annexation of same property to another municipality which are effective on the same day do not create a prohibited unincorporated island; provide (Substitute) (SLGO(G)-29th) Raffensperger-50th

HB 504 – Health; vaccination against meningococcal disease of college students; revise provisions (Substitute) (H&HS-45th) Cooper-43rd

HB 452 – Protective Order Registry Act; enact (Substitute) (JUDYNC-22nd) Ballinger-23rd

HB 492 – Crimes and offenses; carrying in unauthorized locations; revise provisions (Substitute) (PUB SAF-47th) Jasperse-11th

House Rules Calendar

Modified Open Rule

HR 612 House Study Committee on Fibroids Education and Awareness; create (H&HS-Cooper-43rd)

HR 743 House Study Committee on Annexation, Deannexation, and Incorporation; create (IGC-Tankersley-160th)

HR 744 House Study Committee on the Use of Drones; create (Substitute) (PS&HS-Tanner-9th)

SB 69 State Defense Force; remove restrictions; rights of public officers and employees to be absent for service; reemployment rights (D&VA-Yates-73rd) Hill-32nd

SB 175 Animal Protection; require inspection of certain animals entering into the state (Substitute)(A&CA-Jasperse-11th) Black-8th

Modified Structured Rule

SB 4 Urban Redevelopment; provide for use of surface transportation projects; definitions; public contracts with private enterprises for completion (Substitute)(Trans-Roberts-155th) Gooch-51st (AM 39 0121)

SB 64 Juvenile Code, Domestic Relations, and Vital Records; repeal voluntary acknowledgments of legitimation (Substitute)(JuvJ-Weldon-3rd) Hufstetler-52nd

SB 79 Victim Compensation; expand the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council’s powers and duties relative to claims (JudyNC-Pak-108th) Unterman-45th

SB 131 Department of Behavorial Health and Developmental Disabilities; provide for certification; policies and procedures (Substitute)(H&HS-Rogers-10th) Dugan-30th

SB 134 Speed Detection Devices; provide for a rebuttable presumption for law enforcement agencies’ use of speed detection devices (Substitute) (JudyNC-Golick-40th) Stone-23rd

SB 135 Clerks of Superior Courts; provide for protection and disclosure of records held; procedure for disclosure (Substitute)(Judy-Jacobs-80th) Bethel-54th

SB 139 Selling and Other Trade Practices; provide regulation; auxiliary containers shall be done by general law (Substitute)(A&CA-McCall-33rd) Harper-7th

SB 148 Commerce and Trade; transfer powers and responsibilities of Governor’s Office of Consumer Affairs to Attorney General’s office (A&CA-Rogers-10th) Kennedy-18th

SB 190 Bona Fide Coin Operated Machines; provide certain definitions; license fees and requirements for manufacturers and distributors (Substitute) (RegI-Dickey-140th) Miller-49th

Structured Rule

SB 63 Alcoholic Beverages; provide for manufacturers of malt beverages to make limited retail sales of malt beverages under certain circumstances (Substitute)(RegI-Stephens-164th) Hill-6th

Religious Liberty Bill Appears Dead

As we head toward the end of the Session, and Easter following closely, the Religious Liberty Bill, Senate Bill 129,  appears dead in the House Judiciary Committee. From WABE:

A key House committee tabled it Thursday. With only three days left in this year’s legislative session, the bill’s prospects look dim.

At a House Judiciary Committee meeting, supporters insisted the state needs to better protect religious expression from government overreach. They strongly denied critics’ assertions that it would provide a means to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

Rep. Mike Jacobs, R-Brookhaven, said if that was the case then he wanted language in the bill that explicitly prohibited discrimination.

“I take at face value the statements of proponents that they do not intend discrimination with this bill but I also believe if that is the case we as the General Assembly should state that expressly in the bill itself,” said Jacobs. “This is what my constituents want me to do. This is what I want to do as their legislator. And this is what I think we should do as a General Assembly.”

Three similar amendments had failed in subcommittee just the day before. The committee’s vice chair Barry Fleming, R-Harlem, was unequivocal.

“This is the amendment which will gut this bill…and if this amendment is attached to it I will not be able to support final passage of this bill.”

Autism Bill Resurrected

The day after saying from the well of the House that Senate Bill 1 to fund autism treatment for some children would not pass, Rep. Richard Smith (R-Columbus) held a press conference with Senator Charlie Bethel (R-Dalton) to announce a compromise.

State Rep. Richard Smith (R-Columbus) tells 11Alive News that he has agreed to attach the language of Ava’s Law to another bill that has already passed the House. The compromise was announced Thursday at the Georgia Capitol.

Ava’s Law, which is named after a 9-year-old Ava Bullard of Toombs County, would require insurance coverage for children with autism in Georgia. The bill has been bottled up in the House for seven years in part because of Smith’s opposition.

“I’m excited we have a solution,” said Smith, who expressed frustration on the House floor Wednesday over the “flack” he’d been getting for his position against Ava’s Law.

Smith, chairman of the House insurance committee, had been the biggest obstacle to the passage of the autism bill. Ava’s Law, named for 10 year old Ava Bullard, would require insurance companies to cover treatment for children with autism. Smith viewed it as a burden on small businesses. Ava’s mother lobbied hard for the bill for seven years—and learned early Thursday afternoon that Smith had agreed to a compromise.

“I can’t take it. It’s unreal. It’s unreal. It’s been seven years,” Bullard said grinning in a capitol hallway, shortly before hugging Smith.

Election News

Cobb County Commission Chair Tim Lee (R) announced he will seek reelection, according to the Marietta Daily Journal.

Cobb Chairman Tim Lee formally announced his campaign for re-election in 2016 in a release Thursday.

Although Lee told the MDJ in January he planned to run for re-election, the release is the official sign his name will be on the ballot next year.

Lee, who has been chairman since 2010, said he has seen the county grow to “new levels of success,” citing the Braves’ move to Cobb.

“As chairman, I have made the tough decisions that have successfully seen Cobb County through some challenging times. By doing the things others refuse to do, we are now leading Cobb to new levels of success,” Lee said in the statement.

He ended the announcement with a slight play on his usual slogan, which is Cobb is a great place to “live, work and play.” Now, the slogan has changed to “live, work and do business,” according to the release.

Lee’s only announced challenger to date is Mike Boyce, a retired Marine colonel who challenged the chairman in the 2012 primary.


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