GA1 – Bob Johnson Congress: Releases GA01 Veterans Coalition


GA1 – Bob Johnson Congress: Releases GA01 Veterans Coalition

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From Bob Johnson Congress:

Retired Army Ranger Dr. Bob Johnson Releases GA01 Veterans Coalition

Over 100 Local Veterans Raise Their Hands To Vote for Fellow Vet Dr. Bob Johnson

Conservative Dr. Bob Johnson, retired Army Ranger, Savannah surgeon and Christian medical missionary today released his Veterans Coalition list as part of his campaign for the First Congressional District. The list of  over 100 Veterans from across the First District indicates Dr. Bob’s strong connection with his fellow Veterans.  Dr. Bob has made Veterans and military one of the three main policy platforms of his campaign.

“My campaign is about turning my lifetime of service into conservative action for the people of Georgia.  As a surgeon who has seen over 13,000 patients out of my Savannah practice, I know how destructive ObamaCare is and I want to get rid of it. As a Christian missionary, I’ve been touched by my faith to defend our value of life.  As an Army Ranger and 26-year Army Veteran, I will stand up and fight for my fellow Veterans and defend the military installations that help drive our economy here in South Georgia,” Dr. Bob Johnson said about his campaign platform.

“As a fellow Army Ranger who has seen recent combat, I knew the second I met Dr. Bob Johnson that he was the candidate I was going to vote for. Now as his Veterans Coordinator, it gives me great pride to work for my fellow Ranger and help build this impressive list of great Americans who will help us deliver victory for Dr. Bob in this vitally important open seat Congressional election,” said Tarl Lancaster, Veterans Coordinator for the Dr. Bob Johnson for Congress campaign. 

Dr. Bob Johnson Veterans Coalition

Leroy Suddath – MG, USA (Ret) – Co-Chairman
Joe Crews – MAJ, USA (Ret) – Co-Chairman
Austin Unertl – USA
Brooks Gaudry – BG, USA (Ret)
D.G. Tsoulos – COL, USA (Ret)
Dana Kumjian – USA
Dana Gaudry – USA
Ed Shapoff – USMC
Ed Farrell – LTC, USAF (Ret)
Leroy Suddath – MG, USA (Ret)
Ray Gaster – USA
Roy Pike – 1SG, USA (Ret)
Todd Freesmann – COL, USAF (Ret)
Tyler Randolph – LTC, USAF
Wanda Kay North – LTC, USAF
Bob Ernest – USAF
Joe Crews – MAJ, USA (Ret)
Ed Wexlor – COL, USAF (Ret)
Leslie Petruzzelli – LTC, USAF
Ron Hurst – USMC / USA
Austin Eskew – USMC
Bill Smith – USA
Fred Kuhn – USA
Jeff Roszkowiak – USA
Randy Bottner – USAF
Robert Jarman – USN
Russ Sliker – USA
Bill Acebes – CSM, USA (Ret)
Howard Schetrompf – SGM, USA (Ret)
Richard Farnum – USA
Steve Murphy – CW3, USA (Ret)
Jim Grimshaw – USA
Earl Tyson – USA
Earl Shadley – USMC
David Brooks – USMC
Brenda Acebes – USN
Rich Schooley – USA
Jeff McCombes – USA
Michael Deleon – USA
Ashley Lancaster – USA
Ildefonso Delo – USA
Marshall Babb – USA
Bruce McCartney – USA
Ryan Fowler – USA
Thomas Bragg – MSG, USA (Ret)
Bob Mazur – LTC, USA (Ret)
Jack Grumet – USA
Frank Mullis – USA
Donald Singleton – USA
James Johnson – USA
Greg Cohan – SSG, USA
Kirk Kilby – SSG, USA
Christopher Coray – SSG, USA
Jonathan Heller – SPC, USA
Greg Johansen – SSG, USA
James McVey – SSG, USA
Matthew Bathauer – SSG, USA
Ryan Beach – USA
Daniel Erickson – USA
Dominic Annecchini – SSG(P), USA
Michael Ross – SSG, USA
Eric Cox – SGT, USA (Ret)
Bryant McNeill – USA
Michael Morgan – SGT, USA
James Farlow – 1SG, USA (Ret)
Robert Marsh – USA
Seth Borquaye – USA
David Burke – USA
Raymond Cross – USN
Armando Martinez – USA
John Thomas – USA
Joe Caligiure – USA
Richard Hearh – USA
Chester Paschal – USA
Wayne Jackson – USA
Gary Paul – USA
Ulysses Brockington – USA
Denny Petonian – USA
Raymond Cross – USA
Scott Rasplicka – USA
Wayne Lanier – USA
Nathaniel Waltheur – USA
Konstantine Petain – USA
Greg Abbott – USAF, COL (Ret)
Scott Maslin – USN
Royal Weaver – CMC, USN (Ret)
Phillip Jennings – USA
Mike Shaver – USA
Dustin Allen – USA
John Coursey – USA
Bill Klein – SSG, USA (Ret)
Richard Hightower – USA
Donald Rosenblum – USA, LTG (Ret)
Obadiah Love – USNG
George Powell – USA, COL (Ret)
Roy Bernius – USN, CMC (Ret)
Brian Balkcom – USA
Thomas Donohue – USA
Steve Murphy – CW3, USA (Ret)
Bill Godwin – USA
Nigel Walker – USA
Emma Sharp – USAF

DISCLAIMER: Some members of the coalition are active service members. Use of his or her name, branch of service, military rank, job titles, and/or photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement by the Department of the Army or the Department of Defense.

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