GA Senate backs budget boosting spending $900 million |


GA Senate backs budget boosting spending $900 million |

The Georgia Senate approved a $21.8 billion budget for the upcoming year on Friday that would spend a little bit more in a lot of areas and makes clear that the state’s post-recession fiscal picture is brightening.

Now it will be up to House and Senate leaders to negotiate a final spending deal for fiscal 2016 — which begins July 1 — before the session ends in early April. The House passed its version of the budget, House Bill 76, earlier this month.

The budget would provide 1 percent raises for about 90,000 state and University System of Georgia employees. It holds out the hope of raises for teachers, but that will depend on the finances of local school districts. And it would give 4 percent raises to judges on the Supreme and Appeals courts and 2 percent raises to Superior Court judges, district attorneys and public defenders.

Both chambers rejected Gov. Nathan Deal’s recommendation to boot 22,000 part-time school workers and their dependents off the State Health Benefit Plan. But like the House, the Senate plan would make local school districts pay $103 million extra for part-time and full-time school worker insurance.

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