GA GOP: Georgia’s Workforce Tops the Charts


GA GOP: Georgia’s Workforce Tops the Charts

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From The Georgia Republican Party

Georgia’s Workforce Tops the Charts

In his new ad, “When,” Governor Deal highlights his pro-business record and affirms his commitment to ensuring that Georgians are prepared for the jobs of tomorrow.


In his second term, Governor Deal will continue to work with like-minded lawmakers to pass legislation that empowers job creators, encourages investment, and equips our workforce.   With Governor Deal at the helm, we can trust that Georgia’s best days are still ahead.

Thanks to Governor Deal’s bold leadership, Georgia is making headlines.  Check out what trusted publications are saying about The Peach State’s highly skilled workforce:

“Executives at companies investing there regularly point to its many logistics advantages, cutting-edge workforce training programs, particularly Quick Start, and proactive economic developers on the state and local levels who understand the business requirements of today’s capital investors.” 

– Site Selection Magazine, November 2013

“The Georgia workforce is tops in the nation, with an abundant supply of educated, largely nonunion workers. But that’s not new-it’s Georgia’s third straight year atop our Workforce category.” 

– CNBC, June 2014

“Its Georgia workforce has, in fact, helped the brand move to the top of automotive-quality perceptions among American consumers. In fact, Georgia’s Quick Start has ranked as the leading workforce development program among site consultants…” 

– Area Development Magazine, September 2014


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