GA GOP: Five Questions for Carter at the Debate in Perry Tonight


GA GOP: Five Questions for Carter at the Debate in Perry Tonight

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From The Georgia Republican Party 

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Five Questions for Carter at the Debate in Perry Tonight 

During tonight’s debate in Perry, GA, liberal Democrat Jason Carter’s “gift of gab” will be on full display.  While we can expect Carter to lash out at Governor Deal with baseless attacks and worn-out rhetoric from the Democratic playbook, Georgia voters are really looking for answers to these 5 questions:

  1. As Governor, Jason Carter wants to add $2.5 billion in new spendingbut promises to not raise taxes.  Where is he growing the money?
  2. Carter wants to empower the Middle Class but also advocates for aMedicaid Expansion Plan that costs more than President Obama’s proposal.  How can the Middle Class afford that?
  3. Jason Carter voted for three of Governor Deal’s budgets but accuses the Governor of “underfunding education.”  In what world does that logic make sense?
  4. Jason Carter promised to release a report after touring the state with his “Education Task Force.”  Where’s the report and what did Carter propose in the State Senate to improve education?
  5. On the campaign trail, Jason Carter criticizes Governor Deal on the same economic policies that made Georgia #1 for business.  Why did Carter vote for this “grab bag of economic incentives” if he thought they were so bad for Georgia’s economy?

It’s time for Jason Carter to come clean about his estranged relationship with the truth.  Georgia voters deserve to know that Carter is nothing more than a silver-tongued politician looking to trick, mislead, and con the same people he desperately wants to “represent.”

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