Fayette: No tax increase | The Citizen


Fayette: No tax increase | The Citizen

Fayette County’s proposed 2013-2014 budget will avoid a property tax increase and also will be balanced due to a host of personnel cuts across county departments.

The county has eliminated 32 full-time positions, shrinking the government force to 706 full-time and 13.3 part-time employees. At the same time, the budget has made room for a new information systems analyst for information technology along with an assistant water plant manager as required by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, officials said.

County Manager Steve Rapson noted that Sheriff Barry Babb stepped up to the plate with cuts, joining his fellow elected officials at the tax commissioner’s office and the clerk of court to find additional savings in the budget.

“We really appreciate their effort in working with us,” Rapson said.

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