Family moves to Colorado for medical marijuana |


Family moves to Colorado for medical marijuana |

NEW YORK (CNN) – A Georgia family moved to Colorado so their eight-year-old son can receive medical marijuana treatments. The family says they’ve seen an amazing difference after just six weeks.

We were able to Skype with 8-year-old Hunter Klepinger who’s proudly wearing his Georgia bulldog shirt but he’s now living 1400 miles away in Colorado getting treatment for his severe seizure disorder with medical marijuana.

Aaron Klepinger said they saw amazing results the very first day. They’ve seen seizures that used to be 20 minutes now less than 2 minutes.

“He went without seizures for a 6 day period and also a 5 day period and that has never happened in 8 years. We are extraordinarily excited about it,” said Aaron Klepinger.

Aaron showed me how they give hunter the cannabis oil, through a dropper and under his tongue.

He and his wife are joining the other parents in Georgia, lobbying state lawmakers to legalize medical marijuana there.

“We’re losing our family. The whole family has been together since day one. We came to Georgia in the 70’s,” said Ron Grzelka, Hunter’s grandfather.

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