Emergency repairs cost Fulton taxpayers | www.myajc.com


Emergency repairs cost Fulton taxpayers | www.myajc.com

Leaks, mold and other problems at Fulton County facilities have cost taxpayers about $437,000 in emergency repairs over the last year, and the bill is about to get ten times bigger.

Documents reviewed by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution show the money paid for quick fixes to problems that threatened the health and safety of county employees and the public. The work included fixing a toilet that flooded a courtroom and offices, removing mold that sickened employees and repairing a leaky sewer drain beneath the floor of a county homeless shelter.

Critics say the county has deferred building maintenance and relied too much on emergency contracts to fix problems. They’d like to see Fulton adopt a long-term capital plan to address its building needs.

“When you defer maintenance or ignore problems, they just get worse and become more costly,” said County Commissioner Liz Hausmann. “You have to keep up the maintenance on buildings where you have employees serving the public. We’ve failed to do it.”

via Emergency repairs cost Fulton taxpayers | www.myajc.com.

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