Ed Lindsey: Showcases Record, Not Rhetoric, At 11th District Debate


Ed Lindsey: Showcases Record, Not Rhetoric, At 11th District Debate


From Ed Lindsey Congress:

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State Representative Ed Lindsey won over the audience at the 11th Congressional District Debate on Saturday by highlighting his legislative accomplishments in the Georgia General Assembly.  From stopping the spread of Obamacare in Georgia to leading efforts to balance the U.S. Budget, Lindsey proved that he’s a Georgia conservative who can get the job done.

“The American people are sick and tired of the rhetoric and want bold, conservative leaders with a proven record of reform,” said Tom Krause, Campaign Manager for Ed Lindsey.  “During his time in the State House, Ed has emerged as a workhorse who can craft legislation and build consensus to get conservative initiatives passed through the Georgia General Assembly and signed by the Governor.

“When Ed came back from the U.S./Mexican border, he returned to Georgia and working with fellow Republicans crafted and drove through the General Assembly HB 87 to stop the proliferation of illegal immigration.  As insurance premiums and cancellations skyrocketed, Ed worked to pass the Lindsey Amendment to stop the spread of Obamacare in the Georgia.  And when the federal government refused to curb spending and take steps towards balancing the federal budget, Ed Lindsey working with his colleagues to add Georgia to the growing list of states calling for a Convention of the States.

“It was clear last night from the enthusiastic response to Ed’s statements that voters are hungry for a Georgia conservative with a proven record of getting the job done, not more empty rhetoric from politicians.”

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