DeKalb sheriff vows to punish deputies |


DeKalb sheriff vows to punish deputies |

DeKalb County Sheriff Tom Brown said he understands why his deputies were frustrated when serving a warrant last month but they will still be disciplined for their over-aggressive actions and abusive language.

The bad acts were brought to light by a family video that has gone viral on the Internet.

“I’m sure the officers were teed off because the family kept them outside for a (half) hour and told them they had the wrong address,” said Brown, who is considering running for Congress. “But the behavior of my officers was totally unacceptable and it will not be tolerated. It will be addressed and addressed very quickly.

Donavan Hall and his younger brother shot the video on the cell phones on July 26. The edited 20-minute video shows the officers outside the family’s Ellenwood home at 1:30 AM.

They were there to arrest the boys mother Natania Griffin on a civil warrant.

The family, however, thought they heard the deputies give a different address and kept telling the officers they had the wrong address. The video contends the family members feared they were about to become crime victims.

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