DeKalb schools’ Heery lawsuit big by many measures |


DeKalb schools’ Heery lawsuit big by many measures |

When measured in dollars, the six-year legal battle between the DeKalb County School District and Heery International Inc. sounds big.

At one point, the construction management company was seeking at least $10 million in damages on false termination claims, and the school system was countering for more than $100 million over allegations of billing fraud and mismanagement. DeKalb’s lawyers, meanwhile, wanted at least $30 million for their time until they renegotiated their contingency agreement with DeKalb this spring.

Court decisions have whittled the potential damages down, but the lawsuit may still rank among the biggest in DeKalb history — if not in dollars, then in volume, as in cubic feet.

DeKalb Superior Court Clerk Debra DeBerry said the case has cost her office thousands of dollars in time and materials — far more than the $182.50 in filing fees collected as of late June. DeBerry acknowledged that she did charge lawyers a bundle — about $22,000 — when they filed appeals in the case. But she said her office had to render a lot of additional service: every document had to be copied in triplicate, and a sworn officer had to deliver mountains of paperwork to the appeals court in downtown Atlanta.

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