DeKalb County leaves door open to abuse |


DeKalb County leaves door open to abuse |

For years, DeKalb County elected officials have been free to run up expenses on their purchasing cards and issue check after check.

The county had no one spot checking the bills. No one demanding receipts. No one poring over invoices or quizzing vendors.

No one even asking questions when red flags were flapping in plain sight.

So DeKalb taxpayers were stuck with a $1,880 bill for Commissioner Stan Watson’s “website development” — although the website listed on the first page of each invoice he turned in was called and he was running for re-election at the time.

Taxpayers shelled out tens of thousands of dollars for then-Commissioner Elaine Boyer’s fake legislative consultant — even though she already was having the public pay another man $1,500 a month to consult for her on legislative issues. She admitted guilt Tuesday and may face federal prison time for fraud.

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