David Perdue U.S. Senate: More About Michelle Nunn’s So-Called “Jobs Plan”


David Perdue U.S. Senate: More About Michelle Nunn’s So-Called “Jobs Plan”

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From David Perdue U.S. Senate 

More About Michelle Nunn’s So-Called “Jobs Plan”

After reading Michelle Nunn’s so-called “jobs plan” it’s clear her campaign will stop at nothing to deceive Georgians about who she really is and what she stands for. This confusing attempt to describe her vision for job creation is full of contradictions. Michelle Nunn mimics many of David’s ideas and then immediately undercuts them by advocating some of the same failed liberal approaches that caused the economic problems in the first place.

Missing from the “jobs plan” are obvious solutions to address the economic crisis President Obama and Democrats in Washington have created. For example, Michelle Nunn claims she is for reducing the regulatory burdens on small businesses, but completely ignores the negative impacts of Obamacare, which is cutting back workers hours and increasing costs for families. Similarly, she claims she supports energy independence, but refuses to address how burdensome regulations on the coal industry will raise energy prices and destroy jobs.

By talking out of both sides of her mouth on specific policies, Michelle Nunn is simply trying to cover up how she will support Obama and Reid’s liberal policies for bigger government, the disaster that is Obamacare, amnesty and open borders. Georgians want a leader in the U.S. Senate who will deliver real results, not someone who will say one thing to get elected and then do another.

David Perdue has consistently provided a clear vision and serious solutions to grow our economy, tackle our skyrocketing national debt, and fix what’s wrong with Washington. He has championed commonsense policies that will roll back the onslaught of Obama’s regulations, reform our broken tax system, develop all American energy resources, repeal Obamacare and replace it with a patient-centered approach, expand education opportunities for all students, and boost exports for agriculture and manufacturing by keeping America competitive.

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