David Perdue stands solidly for change | The Augusta Chronicle


David Perdue stands solidly for change | The Augusta Chronicle

In the race to replace outgoing U.S. Sen. Saxby Chambliss, Georgians have a unique opportunity to make the right decision on all counts: David Perdue.

His message is clear, though you might not have appreciated it fully. It’s been difficult to see while spattered with mud, weakly flung by the campaign of Democratic challenger Michelle Nunn.

David Perdue’s platform is solid. His ideas are clear. His vision is a plan Georgians can rally behind.

Do you want secure U.S. borders? So does David Perdue. He wants current immigration laws vigorously enforced, and wants future laws to focus on genuine border security.

Do you want a sensible domestic energy policy? So does David Perdue. He realizes America isn’t fully developing all its energy resources, and that too much of our energy fate is being placed in the hands of overseas interests – and not all of those interests want our country to prosper.

Do you want more local control of education? So does David Perdue. Local innovation needs to be encouraged, not choked to death by federal red tape. Common Core isn’t the answer. Common sense is. His views on education were forged throughout his closest personal relationships – his wife and his parents were teachers.

Do you want to see the United States as an economic powerhouse again? So does David Perdue – and here is arguably his greatest area of expertise. His many years as a Fortune 500 executive give him vast experience from which to draw the best ideas to invigorate sagging U.S. manufacturing and to boost U.S. exports.

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