Dallas resident plans to challenge Rep. Braddock


Dallas resident plans to challenge Rep. Braddock

A Dallas resident plans to challenge two-term District 19 State Rep. Paulette Braddock, R-Hiram, in this year’s Republican primary.

Dallas resident Lauren Denton has filed a declaration of intent and plans to qualify in March to challenge Braddock in the May 20 GOP primary.

Denton, who works for a railroad company in Atlanta, said she has been campaigning door-to-door in the Paulding district in recent months and found few District 19 residents knew the identity of their state representative – showing that Braddock has done “a poor job” of communicating with constituents.

“Many people didn’t know who she was,” Denton said.

However, Braddock said she did not see the relevance of high name recognition to her effectiveness as a legislator.

“It’s never been about me, it’s been about my people,” Braddock said.

“I’m not in this for a popularity contest. I spend a lot of time in the community helping people with their issues, so I am close to the people and what matters.”

Denton also said Braddock shows no leadership because she typically agrees to help sponsor legislation only if it is already popular, Denton said.

She also said Braddock has been prime sponsor of little meaningful legislation, other than a 2012 bill to stop requiring retailers to post signs stating it was a crime to steal shopping carts.

Braddock said the shopping cart bill “was a repeal bill and I think we need to repeal more legislation that results in government interference in our lives.”

She said she has co-sponsored some “good conservative legislation” including drug testing for welfare recipients and, this year, House Bill 707 that blocks the implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, in Georgia.

“I look forward to hearing about the few dozen bills [Denton] wants to pass that will put more government in our lives,” Braddock said.

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