Contractors accuse Ellis |


Contractors accuse Ellis |

At least two new companies have hired attorneys or contacted the DeKalb County District Attorney’s office with complaints that mirror the criminal charges against CEO Burrell Ellis.

Ellis has pledged to fight hard against the 15-count indictment that accuses him of strong-arming three vendors who work for the county into donating to his re-election campaign. Ellis said last week he is innocent of all charges.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution spoke with one vendor who tells a story similar to the indictment allegations of being pressed to donate and another who claims to have lost an existing deal after declining to give. Both have contacted the county to complain.

District Attorney Robert James declined to say whether the new complaints will mean new charges against Ellis. But the public airing of more allegations could further mar DeKalb’s battered image.

They could also hamper basic services for 700,000 people if county leaders slow or stop contracts over worries the system itself is tainted.

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