City manager presents vision for westside ‘canal district’ |


City manager presents vision for westside ‘canal district’ |

Prior to a five-hour-plus City Council meeting Thursday that stretched past 7 p.m., Savannah aldermen were given a glimpse of City Manager Stephanie Cutter’s “vision” for the westside where the city plans to build a new arena.

Cutter outlined a plan for the “Canal District” that would include paths, parks and a recreational canal along with a new arena, after the presentation was added that morning to the workshop’s agenda.

The improvements would serve to remove blight in west Savannah, revitalize the area and serve as a connector to the Historic District, Cutter said.

While generally impressed with the idea, council members did have some concerns and questions regarding the ability to make the plan a reality and the possible impact on residents and businesses there.

Alderwoman Carol Bell qualified her support by insisting the plan be presented to the communities within the proposed district to make sure there is support for the idea. Bell said she refused to get “beat up on” again after residents voiced opposition to the arena being located near their neighborhoods during a town hall meeting Wednesday night.

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