Cherokee Tribune – Senate race gets personal with ads


Cherokee Tribune – Senate race gets personal with ads

CANTON — With Election Day approaching Tuesday, the gloves are coming off in the fight for the District 14 seat in state Senate.

The race has heated up with a barrage of advertisements produced by the campaigns of candidates Bruce Thompson and Matt Laughridge — who are squaring off in the Dec. 3 runoff for the seat — and both candidates say they don’t like the other’s tactics.

A half-page ad paid for by Thompson’s campaign consulting firm in Wednesday’s Cherokee Tribune slams Laughridge for allegedly trying to buy the seat and for his February DUI arrest, which is pending in Bartow County court.

In the ad, Laughridge’s mug shot and the Georgia State Patrol incident report from his arrest Feb. 21 are shown, along with documents from the state ethics commission to show he personally loaned his campaign $100,000.

“Cherokee County will not be bought!!!,” the ad states. “Why would someone spend this type of money for a Senate seat that pays $17,000 a year?”

Thompson said Wednesday he didn’t know anything about the ad before it ran, because his consulting firm, Grand Public Affairs Consulting, never told him. But he doesn’t have a problem with the content.

“They don’t consult with me about everything that’s done,” said the 48-year-old Bartow County candidate, who has previously taken issue with Laughridge’s ads. “They’re hired to do a job and they are following the guidelines that I gave them. I’ve hired them, I support their decisions.”

For Laughridge, though, accusing him of trying to buy the election and plastering information from his arrest across newspaper pages is nothing short of “mud-slinging.”

“That’s not how I believe a campaign should be run,” said Laughridge, 25, of Cartersville. “I believe you need to run an honest campaign, transparent campaign, ethical campaign.”

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