Cherokee Tribune – School district cleared by AdvancED


Cherokee Tribune – School district cleared by AdvancED

The Cherokee County School District learned Wednesday afternoon it was cleared by AdvancED SACS accreditation agency of all allegations brought against the local school system in June by School Board member Kelly Marlow.

School Superintendent Dr. Frank Petruzielo received a letter from AdvancED about 3 p.m. Wednesday that said the agency had determined the district was not in violation of accreditation standards or policies.

In Marlow’s June complaint letter to Advanc-ED, the District 1 member accused the school board of violating AdvancED accreditation policy in the area of governance and leadership and claimed there was a possible inappropriate personal relationship between a school system staff member and a member of the board.

Dr. Mark Elgart, president and CEO of Southern Association of Colleges and Schools of AdvancEd, sent the letter to the superintendent, dated Aug. 19, stating that “no further action is needed” in response to Marlow’s complaint.

Cherokee Tribune – School district cleared by AdvancED.

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