Cherokee Tribune – Board unanimously approves Marlow hearing


Cherokee Tribune – Board unanimously approves Marlow hearing

A record crowd of about 1,000 people packed the Cherokee High School auditorium close to capacity to hear the decision on whether Marlow should be censured for calling in the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, an accreditation agency, to investigate the school superintendent, board chair and the board.

School Board Chairwoman Janet Read made the motion to call for the hearing and it was seconded by Board Member Michael Geist.

Marlow joined her fellow board members in raising her hand for the 7-0 decision in favor of the ethics hearing.

The crowd reacted to the decision with a resounding standing ovation.

Ten people spoke to the board regarding the vote on whether to conduct the hearing, but none of the board members asked any questions or offered comments before their unanimous vote.

Smart Citizens Rally Against Marlow, or SCRAM!, creator Christine Rea of Canton said she was at the meeting to present a petition to the school board, “signed by over 1,200 Cherokee County residents” that “asks the District 1 representative to please rescind her letter to SACS.”

via Cherokee Tribune – Board unanimously approves Marlow hearing.

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