Chairman of state education board agrees to review Common Core |


Chairman of state education board agrees to review Common Core |

State Board of Education Chairwoman Barbara Hampton said Thursday that she and her colleagues will oversee a public review of Common Core, a set of national academic standards that has drawn the ire of some political conservatives.

Hampton’s comments, made during the board’s monthly meeting, were in response to a call from Gov. Nathan Deal to review the standards, viewed by some tea party activists and others as a national intrusion into state oversight of K-12 education.

Board members received word of Deal’s request for a Common Core review before they participated in committee meetings on Wednesday. Several, including Hampton, were unwilling to discuss the request, saying only that it would be addressed when the board meets again in September.

But at Thursday’s meeting of the full board, Hampton said Deal’s request would be carried out.

“We don’t have specifics on how we are going to do this,” said Hampton, who, like all board members, was appointed by Deal. “But it is evident that there needs to be a very public process.”

Deal’s request for a review drew quick praise from opponents of Common Core, including Kelly Marlow, a school board member from Cherokee County.

On Thursday, Cherokee Superintendent Frank Petruzielo fired back, praising the standards and criticizing opposition to them as political.

“It’s unfortunate when elected officials contribute to narrowly-defined interest group activity through politicizing the efforts to establish national performance standards designed to ensure that every student is provided a more rigorous education and one that is globally competitive,” the superintendent said in remarks the district distributed to news outlets.

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