Bowman seeks vote recount this week | Henry Daily Herald


Bowman seeks vote recount this week | Henry Daily Herald

Election and Registration Director Janet Shellnutt said one card did not get uploaded Tuesday night because a technician missed a voting machine, and there were also six people who voted in the wrong district.

“That’s why the election report is unofficial or incomplete because we knew the next morning that something wasn’t right, but we couldn’t run them again until that Friday,” Shellnutt said.

Shellnutt said the elections department does give people the opportunity to vote in different districts, but they would vote on a paper ballot and only the state races would be valid.

“Yes, we had six people that voted in the third (district) on a paper ballot that should have voted in District Four, but those people, and I don’t mean to be ugly, at some point you need to be responsible for themselves and check out where you’re supposed to be voting and not wait until 10 (minutes) to 7 p.m,” she said.

The final vote tally separating incumbent Reid Bowman from contender Blake Prince was by only two votes instead of the originally reported 21 vote margin.

It was originally determined Prince, who had 50.47 percent of the vote with 1,120 votes, defeated Bowman by less than a percentage point. Bowman had 1,099 votes with 49.53 percent.

However after the unofficial results were certified Friday, it was determined Bowman had 1,125 votes while Prince had 1,127 votes.

“In order to protect the integrity of the voting system, I have respectfully asked for a recount,” Bowman said in a statement on his election page. “As I have stated before, God does not make any mistakes. However, with that being said, people do. Example 21 votes to 2 votes.”

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