BJ VanGundy: We Plan to Win with the Georgia Republican Party!


BJ VanGundy: We Plan to Win with the Georgia Republican Party!

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This has been an exciting week for the campaign! I look forward to seeing a great number of you on Saturday at District Conventions.  Personally, I take a lot of enjoyment in the convention season.

This is a demonstration of Republicans building the Party from the ground up.  The assembled activists and delegates are those that decide the course of the Republican Party for the next two years and how we build toward the future.

This is where we show the community at large that the Georgia Republican Party is here to win at the ballot box and express our conservative agenda.  We cannot hope to win without the momentum that we take out of our county, district, and state conventions.  I look forward to being the GA GOP Chairman that you can trust to carry that mantle forward so we can build the Great Opportunity Party for all Georgians.

It is also important that we have this momentum in order to maximize our fundraising opportunities on a grand scale.  Modern politics is defined by the interconnected world we live in.  We must have a chairman who understands this and how it translates into fundraising opportunities.  It means focusing on:

  • Giving the business community in Georgia an opportunity to invest in sound governing principles.  They must know the Republican Party they contribute to will protect them from overbearing government by electing conservatives committed to the free market;
  • Broadening and diversifying our donor base across the state.  At our party’s peril, we miss an opportunity to give the grassroots something to invest in if we only consider big donations important.  Everyone’s important, and thousands of small dollar donors will build a party people can take pride in;
  • Demonstrating the value that the Great Opportunity Party brings to all Georgians.  This means demonstrating that, whatever your issue with government is, the GOP stands for protecting every individual’s opportunity build a better life.

Please take some time to visit my website to learn what I’ll be committed to as your GAGOP Chairman.

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