The Barry Loudermilk and Dan McLagan communications strategy


The Barry Loudermilk and Dan McLagan communications strategy
After the revelation of documents that implicate former State Senator Barry Loudermilk in the events leading to a secret $80k settlement of a discrimination lawsuit brought by his former assistant against the state, Loudermilk spokesman Dan McLagan told Jim Galloway of the AJC Political Insider:

It’s clear Barry had nothing to do with this — didn’t even know about the suit until after it was well over — and personnel actions in the Senate are done by the Secretary of the Senate.

A couple weeks earlier, the Loudermilk campaign spokesman Dan McLagan told WABE, when questions were raised about whether Loudermilk embellished his military record:

The response from Loudermilk’s campaign came from Dan McLagan: “He has endorsed Bob Barr. And this is clearly coming from the Barr campaign, because Bob can’t make this accusation. Bob’s never served in uniform.”

Loudermilk’s spokesman says his candidate will not be meeting Mrozinski Thursday, the Colonel requested, to turn over his DD-214, but he made another offer.

“I don’t know what a DD-214 is,” said, McLagan, “but if we’ve got one laying around, we’ll send it to you.”

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