Atlanta Tea Party – Co-chairman Julianne Thompson: Announces Support of HB 885 – Medical Cannabis Bill


Atlanta Tea Party – Co-chairman Julianne Thompson: Announces Support of HB 885 – Medical Cannabis Bill

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Conservative Tea Party Leader Announces Support of HB 885 – Medical Cannabis Bill

Atlanta Tea Party co-chairman Julianne Thompson has announced her support for HB 885, which would make a hybrid form medical Cannabis a legal treatment for those who suffer with severe seizure disorder.

Thompson stated, “Originally I was shocked and frightened of the mention of any type of marijuana in Georgia. I am both a fiscal and a social conservative and have always been and remain opposed to any legalization of recreational drug use of any kind.”

“The story of Haleigh Cox and countless other children like her are the reason I left behind my preconceived notions when it came to the word ” Cannabis ” and actually looked at the effectiveness of the treatment behind the proposal”, said the mother of two.

“The parents of these children will tell you they are not receiving effective treatment. They rarely get to even see their child’s personality or even a smile, because they are so heavily drugged with multiple, ineffective pharmaceuticals that do nothing to alleviate symptoms and sometimes cause more harm than good.”

She continued, “a recent study cited side effects from legal pharmaceuticals as the third leading cause of death in the U.S. So, I began to ask myself how often do I show up at the Capitol to protest the overuse of psychotropic drugs in children? How often do we speak out on the dangers of all of these synthetic chemicals which are routinely prescribed for conditions that are not as bad as the actual side effects of these “legal” pharmaceuticals?

The answer is we do not, so how can we oppose a natural, effective plant that has been specifically grown to be so low in TCH that it doesn’t produce a “high”, but contains a targeted amount of cannabidiol (CBD), which specifically treats seizures.”

“As the mother of two healthy children, I thank God every day I do not have to make that decision, but I would do whatever and go wherever I needed to go to treat my child if they were suffering as these kids are. In July 2012, my sister died, not of the actual cancer she was diagnosed with, but from the side effects the chemo had perpetrated on her body. At that point I knew there had  to be a better way to treat disease, a way that does not violate that we must first do no harm, and while we still search for cures and treatments for diseases that plague mankind, let us remember that the Bible says God gave us the leaf for medicine.”

She continued, “This oil-based treatment made from medical Cannabis is helping children across the country to be able to live a more normal life, helping them smile again. How can we deny Georgia children the right to safe and effective treatment”,  she stated.

“Please join me in support of HB 885, and tell Georgia families they have hope!”




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