Anaylsis: Democrats have a Senate candidate |


Anaylsis: Democrats have a Senate candidate |

A candidate’s first job is to hire a political consultant who’ll help formulate strategy, including the answers to position questions. Next come the fundraiser, campaign manager and press secretary. An opposition researcher will begin digging into the candidate’s own background for weaknesses and then the likely primary opponents’.

Hiring process

For the candidate, after hiring the consultant who helps pick the other members of the staff, the main task is asking people for money, first from friends who’ll give out of courtesy, then to professional colleagues who’ll do the same. At the same time, a candidate will call on anyone who can be considered a party leader, from current and former officeholders to the big givers.

Radulovacki probably won’t be heard from much in the coming months other than appearances at local party breakfasts and barbecues. If he’s smart, he’ll be busy though.

These informal conversations will give him practice answering questions and honing his message before meeting the press. While the Georgia press corps is tame compared to states like New York, there is still opportunity for peril in addressing a dozen political reporters who likely know the issues, as well as most veteran politicians.

Rookies often aren’t sensitive to how their comments can be taken out of context by opponents. It’s the sort of thing that tripped up Missouri candidate Todd Akin over his “legitimate rape” remark, and he had been a congressman.

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