Americans for Prosperity – Georgia Legislature Stands Against ObamaCare, AFP Urges Governor’s Signature


Americans for Prosperity – Georgia Legislature Stands Against ObamaCare, AFP Urges Governor’s Signature

“HB 990 passes outright, HB 707 language passes in HB 943”

ATLANTA – Americans For Prosperity Georgia (AFP-GA), the state’s premiere organization for economic and health care freedom, applauds the Georgia Legislature on passage of HB 990 and HB 943 – bills that send a strong message of Georgia’s active opposition to the Affordable Care Act. The state-based efforts further AFP’s highly visible, on-going campaign as the foremost opponent of ObamaCare nationwide that includes TV ad buys, print articles and grassroots activism through rallies, our Exempt Me Too petition drive and town hall-style events.

AFP-GA worked successfully with its grassroots network around the State throughout the 2014 legislative session for passage of the bill’s language, building on a 5 year long opposition to the federal health care takeover that dates back to town halls, rallies and congressional visits in 2009.

“ObamaCare continues to be disastrous for Georgians and our activists registered support for these good pieces of legislation throughout the session, hosting AFP’s Georgia Stands Against ObamaCare rally at the State Capitol on February 17th, testifying and attending multiple committee hearings, serving letters of support to legislative members, hosting targeted tele-town halls at key junctures in key state districts and a number of robo calls that reached out to over 50,000 activists in the greater Metro Atlanta area,” says AFP Grassroots Coordinator Joel Aaron Foster. “This was a full court press to keep the pressure on and our activists are committed to re-doubling our efforts to do even more moving forward!”

HB 990, sponsored by State House Speaker Pro Temp Jan Jones, requires any effort at Medicaid expansion to receive legislative approval. Language from HB 707, the Georgia Health Care Freedom and ACA Non Compliance Act sponsored by State Representative Jason Spencer, was grafted onto HB 943 and received Senate passage Tuesday night. It prohibits any state agencies, departments or political subdivisions from using resources or spending funds to advocate for the expansion of Medicaid. It prohibits the state of Georgia from running an insurance exchange, refuses federal grant money for the purpose of running an exchange and ends the University of Georgia Health Navigator Program.

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