Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for March 15, 2024


Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for March 15, 2024

London is a female American Bulldog mix who is available for adoption from FurKids in Alpharetta, GA.

Attention suburban homebodies! Meet London, the darling of Furkids who’s ready to become your loyal companion. London holds a special place in the hearts of our volunteers and adores nothing more than hopping into the passenger seat for a thrilling car ride. Dreaming of dining out with a furry friend by your side? Look no further than London! While she prefers to steer clear of other pups, she’s the perfect restaurant companion, charming everyone she meets. Praised for her intelligence and goofiness, London earned top marks in her training evaluation, showcasing her readiness to learn new tricks.

Despite her size, London firmly believes she’s the perfect fit for your lap, always ready for a cuddle session. With a laid-back demeanor, she enjoys leisurely walks but finds true bliss snuggled on the couch or basking in the sunshine. Having spent time in a foster home, London has mastered the art of housetraining and crate training. She’s already a pro at commands like “sit” and “shake” and adores her chew toys. All she needs now is a loving home with a cozy spot to relax and soak up the sun. If you’re seeking a devoted companion to share your suburban adventures and lazy afternoons, London is eagerly awaiting your embrace! London weighs 65 lbs. and is approximately 8 years old (est. birth date 5/28/2015). London has been spayed, is up to date on all vaccinations & preventatives, and is microchipped.

Willett is a female Hound and Pointer mix who is available for adoption from FurKids in Alpharetta, GA.

Introducing Willett, an endearing pooch awaiting her forever home at Furkids Animal Shelter. Though she found herself back in our care after her beloved owner passed away, Willett remains a beacon of sweetness and simplicity. She revels in the little pleasures of life, cherishing leisurely walks and basking in the sun’s warmth as her top pastimes. When indoors, she’s a picture of contentment, snuggled up on her bed for a serene nap. Willett is not just house-trained; she also has a charming way of expressing her needs-a soft bark to signal her desire to go outside.

This loyal companion treasures her bonds with those she holds dear, making her ideally suited for a tranquil household with minimal new faces. If you seek a devoted friend to share your couch and your heart, Willett eagerly awaits the chance to become your cherished companion. Open your home to this affectionate pup and grant her the loving family she so deserves! Willett weighs 71 lbs. and is approximately 10 years old (est. birth date 04/01/2013). Willett has been spayed, is up to date on all vaccinations & preventatives, and is microchipped.

Leo is a male Standard Poodle mix who is available for adoption from FurKids in Alpharetta, GA.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!! Meet Leo!! He came to Furkids as his owner got sick, and could not care for him. He loves being with his human, thrives on positive reinforcement, and responds well to training. He is housetrained and gets along with other dogs. His most favorite thing in his world is to play ball in the big back yard at Furkids which makes us laugh because he is so goofy, and fun loving. He walks very nicely on a leash, and enjoys going down to the park where there is a lot of action with children, dogs, and skaters. He is dog friendly, and would do well in a family with children that are 10 years or older as he weighs 53 lbs, and has a goofy funny side. He can be high energy at first, but we are currently working on him to settle, and he’s improving everyday. He has mastered SIT, and is getting better at WAITING going through doors, and his DOWN. Come meet this loveable, intelligent Standard Poodle, and give him a chance. He has SO much to offer to his human!! Leo weighs 53lbs but still needs to gain a few! Leo is approximately 1.5 years old (est. birth date 09/24/2022), and his adoption fee is $500.

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