Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for January 23, 2024


Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for January 23, 2024

Russell is a young male Retriever mix puppy who is available for adoption from Cedartown Animal Rescue, Education, and Sterilization in Cedartown, GA.

Russell is the cutest little puppy! Born approx 9/10/23, Russell is currently 34 pounds at 14 weeks old. With a soft, black coat that shines in the sunlight, Russell is quite a gorgeous boy. He is as smart as he is handsome. He is already perfectly crate trained, walks well on a leash, knows sit and is already learning down! Russell is the typical playful pup! He adores toys, gets along well with other dogs, does well in a safe, fenced yard for playtime and loves playing ball and chase with the other foster pups here. Russell is a very special guy…this beautiful puppy was surrendered to us after he tested positive for parvo and the owners could not afford the $2,200 emergency vet bill. After the owners requested for them to euthanize Russell, the emergency clinic reached out to us in the hopes that we would take on his medical costs and accept Russell into our program. We couldn’t say no…and that saved Russell’s life. He is quite literally lucky to be alive and has the honor of being a parvovirus survivor! Russell has recovered wonderfully, has now started all his preventative vet work (vaccines, deworming, micro-chipping) and is ready for his new home. We have decided to place him prior to his neuter surgery to let him grown and develop a bit first while at the same time having the opportunity to go ahead and start his new life at his forever home. We will then work with the adopters on bringing him back when it’s time for surgery.

Dutton is an adult male Beagle mix who is available for adoption from Cedartown Animal Rescue, Education, and Sterilization in Cedartown, GA.

Meet Dutton! He is a 2.5 year old male Beagle who is about as photogenic as they come! He has a gorgeous tan coat with a ton of chrome (white) on him. Dutton is full grown at 34 pounds which makes him the perfect size. This boy is energetic and athletic without being hyper. He walks well on a leash, is perfectly crate trained and may be housebroken (he lives in a rescue environment so we have no way of knowing if he is already housetrained). Pulled from a high kill shelter just in time, Dutton has an amazing personality and loves everyone he meets! He enjoys going in a safe, fenced yard for interactive playtime, enjoys toys and loves running and playing with the other foster dogs. Dutton appears well behaved, doesn’t chew his bedding or toys and is a joy to be around. He would make an excellent walking/hiking partner. At night, he would make the perfect cuddle buddy. Dutton is fully vetted and ready for his forever home. His wish list consists of an inside, forever home with a big fenced yard for playtime, a home with lots of toys and maybe another doggy friend for play time and pet parents who understand the time commitment that a new doggy requires.

Willow is an adult female Terrier mix who is available for adoption from Cedartown Animal Rescue, Education, and Sterilization in Cedartown, GA.

For 1,000 days, this sweet girl has watched literally hundreds of dogs come into the rescue, get healthy and move onto their new home. She has literally grown up at CARES…. Are you someone who would makes excuses why you can go to the party only to stay home in your pajamas, watch tv and cuddle on the sofa with your puppy dog? Is your house relatively quiet with no small children? Do you have the love and patience it takes to allow a dog to acclimate on their comfort level? Then Willow is your girl!

Think this dog must be older? Think again. Willow was rescued out of a kill shelter at just 6 weeks old. She was already unwanted as just a tiny puppy – part of a litter of 6 dumped at the local shelter. She was 42 days old when we took her in. She watched all of her littermates get adopted, yet here she still sits. Today Willow is 1,042 days old and she has been without a real family all 1.042 days of her life…

Oliver is an adult male Terrier mix who is available for adoption from Cedartown Animal Rescue, Education, and Sterilization in Cedartown, GA.

Meet Oliver! We aren’t sure of this little guy’s breed but we found this young fella sitting in a kill shelter. He was very scared in the shelter – even growling at people. We are happy to report that those days are behind him now and he is so happy to get love and attention! Oliver is simply gorgeous! He has a soft, tan coat with lots of chrome and crystal blue eyes that you could get lost in! Currently weighing in at 26 pounds, Oliver is full grown at 1 and a half years old. He is friendly & sweet, walks well on a leash and enjoys attention. Oliver loves playing with our other foster dogs, big and small. This beautiful boy is eager to learn new things. He is perfect in his crate and should house train easily once given the opportunity (he may already be house trained). Oliver likes toys, running with his canine friends and interactive time in a safe area. Also among favorites is snuggle time with people. This gorgeous pup is a favorite at CARES and won’t last long. Oliver is fully vetted and ready for his new home.

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