Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for January 13, 2021


Adoptable (Official) Georgia Dogs for January 13, 2021

Treasure Pup and Cat Co

Treasure is a 6-7 year old, 70-pound male Shepherd mix who is available for adoption from Pup & Cat Co. in Winder, GA.

Treasure is like a big, snuggly teddy bear! Treasure has been in boarding waiting on someone to love him for 5 years! He plays outside every day, but 5 years is way too long. Treasure absolutely loves playing chase and fetch with tennis balls, soccer balls, footballs, etc, going on hikes, playing with the volunteers’ kids, and relaxing in the sunshine. He is so well behaved that he’s toured museums and several historic sights that don’t even allow dogs!

Treasure has a high prey drive which means that he wants to chase small creatures like squirrels, cats, and little dogs…so no cats or small dogs in his future family, please

Treasure really enjoys snuggles, chicken nuggets, car rides, walks, and playing catch with anyone who will throw the ball. Again and again and again.

Benny Pup and Cat Co

Benny is a 5-year old male Foxhound mix who is available for adoption from Pup & Cat Co. in Winder, GA.

Benny has a bad foot from a car accident in his earlier life. Benny is an indoor dog, he will bark if left outside. He is crate trained, but prefers to sleep on his doggie bed at night. He is completely housebroken and never has accidents. He is able to wait long periods of time before needing to go out. He likes going on walks and can fetch. He is most content to lay in the sun (inside) like a huge cat and nuzzle you. He doesn’t bark unless someone comes in the the yard, to the front door, or if he sees other animals. He is not cat friendly, but does fine with most dogs.

Lily Pup and Cat Co

Lily is a 1-year old, 450-pound female Hound mix who is available for adoption from Pup & Cat Co. in Winder, GA.

Lily is house and crate trained and does good with most other dogs, as she has a dominant personality, and all kids. She does have a good amount of energy so will need a good walk or play session in the fenced in yard to wear her out. Lily is a typical hound mix so you will hear some howling but she takes correction well. She loves to snuggle with her people when she is not playing with a toy, preferably with a squeaker! Is this lovable girl the next addition to your family?

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